About Us

We are a leading local Voluntary Organisation that is dedicated to the service of people with a learning disability or difficulty, and their families and carers. We operate within the City of Nottingham and the surrounding area. We are affiliated to the Royal Mencap Society, but are independently funded.

Founded in 1950 by parents of children suffering from a wide range of disabilities who were receiving little support from the state, they came together to support one another in their struggle to obtain care and to fight for recognition and service.

60 years on, this struggle still continues. The current reduction in statutory funding is of much concern and emphasises the importance of improving our communication and appeal to the local community for support

Over recent years, we have grown into an organisation with over 50 staff and 50 volunteers and have successfully pioneered a number of activities and support structures that are vitally important as state funded schemes are reduced. We try to ‘fill the gap’ and a key point of our approach is a particular emphasis on personal choice and individual guidance.

Our new website provides more details of our activities and how they can be assessed.