Being a Safe Place Host

Information for Organisations and Businesses who want to become a Safe Place

We are building a network of Safe Places across the County and City to support vulnerable people access community life.

A Safe Place is a place or business in the community where vulnerable people can go when they are in distress.


What are we asking Organisations and Businesses to do?

Display a Safe Places sticker in the window where it is clearly visible.

Safe Place SQUARE Stickersmall Ensure all your staff are aware at the scheme and what is expected of them. Offer a calm and reassuring environment.  Offer the vulnerable person a seat in a public part of the building.

When the individual feels better, ask if they have a Stay Safe Card and try to find our what the problem is.

Call the contact numbers on the Help Card. 
The individual may not have a card, if this is the case try and find out who to call.
Allow the individual to wait until help arrives. If you suspect a crime has been committed or someone has been hurt please call 999.
Advantages to the Safe Place Host
  • Increased footfall in the business or service
  • A good reputation for customer service - helping vulnerable people access and enjoy business and services in the community.
  • Listing on the Nottingham Mencap website.
  • Increased contact with the Police Service in a non-emergency capacity.
To help us establish where there is the greatest need for a Safe Place we will be asking you to fill in a basic log sheet.  A member of the Smile! Stop Hate Crime team will ask you to send the log sheet through to us each month.  We will make regular calls to see how the scheme is going and to answer any questions.
In addition our Safe Places Champions will be visiting all the Safe Places as Mystery Shoppers to see how things are going.  We are, of course, willing to share our feedback with you.
Contact Us
For further information please contact Smile! Stop Hate Crime and we will visit you with a membership pack.  We can explain to your staff what the scheme is about.  We have a short presentation which covers:
  • What is the scheme?
  • Why is it needed?
  • What we need you to do
  • Some tips in how to communicated with people with learning disabilities    
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