Service User Information

A Safe Place is a place where you can go, if you have a learning disability and you are in trouble when you are out shopping. or living your lives in the community.

If you are lost, ill, threatened, shouted at, or hurt, the people at the Safe Place will help you.

                   Lost                    Bully2                     UPSET2


They will contact your friends, family or support staff. They will call the Police if needed.

                   Aid2                  Mobile2                     POLICE2


To Join the Safe Place Scheme

We will provide a Safe Place card for you to fill out.  

Safe Places card JPeg1     

You will need to:                        

Write your name  WRITE2                                          

Write the name and phone number of the people who support you

Remember to take your card with you.



Safe Place SQUARE Sicker 1-4

Look out for this sticker in shops, cafes, libraries and council buildings.


Open shop Go into the building and ask for help.


The staff will help you contact your friends, family or the police to get help. 

                 Aid2                     Mobile2                  POLICE2   

They will give you somewhere safe to wait.