Smile! Stop Hate Crime Past Events

Smile! Stop Hate Crime and the 3 Little Pigs Come To School

Smile! Stop Hate Crime did an assembly at Arnold Mill Primary School in January about what it is like to have learning difficulties and disabilities and how bullying affects them.

Evergreen Drama Group performed a fantastic play for the children about the 3 little pigs and a bullying wolf. but the 3 little pigs triumphed in the end and beat the bully!


This is what the school said about our visit: 

A big "Thank You" to all the team for the Smile! Stop Hate Crime assembly.  The children watched avidly as the team sang, danced and acted their parts brilliantly.  It was a super method to get over a very important message. Thank you.

As well as offering school assemblies, the SSHC team offer the following:

  • Hate Crime training to relevant organisations, including Police, CLDTs, magazines, social housing.
  • Support groups for people with learning disabilities affected by hate crime; these are currently in Ollerton, Hucknall and Sherwood.
  • Awareness raising at community events and supermarkets.

Please contact Kirsty or Denise for further information on what we offer in Nottingham City and South Nottinghamshire on 0115 9209524

Contact Karen for information on what we offer in North Nottinghashire on 01636 674970

Smile! Stop Hate Crime Community Groups

The groups are a very important part of what SSHC project is about.  They act as a focus for any people with learning disabilities who are vulnerable to hate crime and bullying.  The groups follow the needs and wants of the group members and deal with themes such as hate crime in a variety of situations, how to report hate crimes, visits by local police and transport workers and even a visit to the magistrates court.

These photos show members of the Sherwood group acting out hate crime on the buses.

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