Disability hate crime is not fully recognised and perpetrators are not appropriately punished.”

(Online abuse and the experience of disabled people, January 2019 House of Commons Petitions Committee)

There have been many studies and reports carried out over the last 10 years identifying the fact that disability hate crime is massively under reported. People with learning disabilities face particular challenges in reporting crime and their security, health and wellbeing are often adversely affected. We campaign for the rights of people with learning disability to live safely without being subjected to hate crime. We work with our partner organisations to encourage the reporting of hate crime and campaign to ensure that when reports are made people with learning disabilities are supported in the right way. Partners including:

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The project takes every opportunity to empower people with learning disabilities to represent themselves and to ensure the wider community understand what hate crime is and how to report it.


Safe Places

Safe Places is a scheme to keep vulnerable people safe in our communities. If you are lost, frightened being bullied, or threatened, you can go to a safe place where you see this sign. The Safe Place will help you contact your friends, family, or support staff. 

If you would like to become a safe place we have a pack and training available. Please contact the Smile! Stop Hate Crime project at Nottingham Mencap to register and arrange training.

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To find Safe Places in Nottingham City and County to help you feel safe when you are out and about please click on: The free to use app can be downloaded from the App Store, or Google Play. The app will give you instructions to reach your nearest Safe Place, or prompt the user to contact the Police.  The siteprovides teaching and support materials to help vulnerable, or young people to use the scheme and stay safe. 

If you need a Safe Place Card to help you use the scheme please contact Nottingham Mencap.

Previous campaigns include:



Included safe and having fun

How to stay Safe in the night time economy. Working with businesses to help identify hate crime and empowering hate crime reporting.



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Equal Safe Living Life

In Partnership with Unanima Theatre & TenFifty

Working in partnership to create the One Walk in Mansfield to support the voice of people with learning disabilities, create community cohesion and positive change for people with learning disabilities.

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No Place for Hate 2014

Still No Place for Hate Review 2018

Key Contributor to peer led research and action to create a focus on Hate Crime in Nottingham City.

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