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Social groups


Our social group meets at Harpenden House every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A number of students wanted to create a safe and happy space where they enjoy a range of activities such as pool, table football, Wii games, darts, bingo, karaoke or relax and chill.

This is somewhere to hang out and chat with a cup of tea, meet your friends and make new friends. Some of our students use this space as time out from more formal learning and training activities, instead choosing to develop their social skills, friendship circles and have an enjoyable time.

Many of the friendships made through this group have led to ongoing relationships enabling students to pursue new found friendships and relationships outside of the group. Groups of friends often plan days and evenings out together, going to pubs and clubs, music and sporting events.

Often individuals living in supported living placements or with their families, or on their own feel a sense of isolation within their communities. This group encourages interaction and a sense of belonging, but importantly acts as a springboard to continuing these friendships and activities within the wider community.

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